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This is a Personal English Language AI Tutor, an app designed to enhance your English language proficiency through real conversations and real-world scenarios. You can select from recommended scenarios or create your own by describing the context and situation for a role play with ELSA Speak. Once the role play concludes, ELSA transforms into your personal English tutor, providing detailed feedback on your performance. ELSA’s artificial intelligence technology was developed using voice data from people speaking English with various accents, making it effective for non-native speakers. There is a free and a pro version (paid).

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ELSA Speak contributes to English language education by offering personalized feedback, promoting confidence, and enabling continuous practice of the student. The student can improve pronunciation and overcome language barriers. The main benefits from its usage (by learners and educators) include:

  • Assessment in literacy and pronunciation: Educators can use ELSA to identify and assess areas of difficulty for each student, in pronunciation, intonation, fluency by analysing speech patterns, intonation, and it gives real-time feedback.
  • Reduction of the fear of speaking a new language: the real-time constructive feedback encourages learners to practice speaking without the fear of criticism.
  • Practice opportunities: with the app, learners have more opportunities to practice, and they can do it anytime they want, anywhere – they can interact with the app and/or have conversations with ELSA.
  • Inclusion and accessibility: the self-evolving AI customizes curriculums and content based on individual performance, and geographical barriers are eliminated.




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Web-based and App


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