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Using AI at Vocational Schools [C3]

Actors involved

Vocational school teachers and students; companies in the mechanical sector; regional VET institutions

AI technologies used

12 collaborative robots (cobots)

Planned activities

The subject of AI has so far been offered to students as an additional qualification to their vocational qualification as part of their dual vocational training. The additional qualification is supervised by teachers from the electrical engineering and information technology departments. In the future, the topic of AI could be integrated into the existing curriculum.

Expected results

Students’ basic understanding of the use of AI in robotics and image recognition.

Project origin

Cobots was provided with funding as part of the digitalization master plan of a Regional initiative.

Lesson planning

Teaching units for students from the subjects of electrical engineering and mechatronics that integrate the topic of AI into the existing curriculum. Participation on the part of the students is voluntary. A maximum of 15 students take part. The students program the cobots together with a team of vocational school teachers specializing in subject didactics and IT.

Technical requirements

A total of 12 collaborative robots (cobots) are used in three laboratories. Learning stations are each equipped with cobot where students can practise teaching an AI with images as training data.

External stakeholders

Robotics manufacturers offer cooperation, e.g. in the training of teachers in the use of robots.

Issues encountered

Applying for public funding is a challenge for teachers. In addition to a lack of time resources, there is a lack of knowledge about how applications should be written and what content is relevant for funding. At this point, the teachers mention the need for support measures and further training opportunities. The topic of AI is currently offered as part of an additional qualification and is offered by teachers alongside the regular curriculum. Teachers deal with the topic of AI outside of their regular working hours. Additional knowledge on the topic of AI is provided through train-the-trainer measures.

About Results

The results were discussed with the students and among the teachers. The results are also disseminated via the school’s website and presented at school events.

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