Introducing AI into the graphic design curriculum

Introducing the use of AI in initial VET graphic design curriculum

Actors involved

Teachers and students

AI technologies used

Adobe Firefly, Perplexity, Chat GPT, Midjounery

Planned activities

AI tools are shown to students as working tools during practical graphic design activities


  • Students learning how to use the new AI tools for graphics and research/information generation even if these topics have not yet been included in the curriculum
  • Insert update curriculum with skills related to the use of AI in graphic design, but not only

Project origin

Free initiative of VET teachers of graphic design disciplines

Lesson planning

Work deliveries also involve the use of image generation software

Technical requirements

Access to AI services for image generation and a stable internet connection are required

External stakeholders

Experts in copyright were involved to train teachers on issues related to the copyright of images generated with AI.

Issues encountered

Many colleagues have shown resistance, being reluctant to the use of innovative technologies and expressing a desire to maintain the current curriculum.

About Results

The school management has considered the curriculum update.

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