Managing continuous training with chatbots

Introducing AI Chatbot in Continuous training Learning Management System

Actors involved

Training and Development Office, IT project manager, employee

AI technologies used

Learning management system, AI chatbot

Planned activities

  1. Meeting with IT figures involved
  2. Identification and involvement of the test group
  3. Definition of AI test times on the platform
  4. Meeting and feedback through satisfaction survey

Expected results

  • To implement an Intelligent Tutoring System in the LMS that assists users in selecting and accessing available courses on the platform
  • Autonomous development of workers’ skills

Project origin

initiative of the training and development office

Technical requirements

The LMS must be able to implement the AI chatbot functionality

External stakeholders

The suppliers of the LMS platform

Issues encountered

  • The employees and workers receiving the training have difficulty accessing the platform
  • Lack of digital skills and poor or absent digital mindset among operators

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