Diffit is an artificial intelligence tool designed to assist educators in tailoring their teaching methods to accommodate students at various reading levels. Diffit empowers teachers to create personalised learning experiences, making education more accessible and effective for all students. There is a repository to find answers, resolve issues, and make informed decisions. The teacher can create PDFs, Google Forms quizzes, bubble maps, workbooks, vocabulary choice boards, character analysis sheets, interactive slides, etc. As a knowledge-based tool, it serves as a centralized hub for storing, sharing, and organizing information related to a specific topic or entity. Users can access this repository to find answers, resolve issues, and make informed decisions. There is a free and a paid version.

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  • Personalised learning tailors educational content to individual students’ interests, abilities, level,and learning styles. A Teacher can use existing curriculum, or generate content from scratch with real, cited sources, choose a grade level and language, and watch Diffit create a complete, differentiated resource. ~The teacher can adapt any PDF, text/excerpt, Article URL or YouTube video for any reading level or language to help all students access the content. Benefits: Deeper Involvement of students, staying motivated and engaged when learning materials align with their preferences.AI can recommend personalized content for students with special needs. Example: The National Project of Estonia uses AI to personalise learning paths based on students’ unique experiences and preferences. It adapts to each student’s knowledge level, learning style, and goals, enhancing their educational experience.
  • Teaching Enhancement: Diffit’s AI assists teachers by recommending improvements to lesson plans and providing insights. The teacher can generate informational texts on any topic, all from verified, cited sources, which is perfect for when you don’t already have content or curriculum for your lesson. The teacher can access a fully customizable set of resources to go with the text they are creating, including summary, vocabulary list, multiple DOK level questions, open-ended prompts and more. Benefits: Efficient Planning, time saving.



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