Developing teaching materials

Actors involved

Teachers and students

AI technologies used

AI software e.g. ChatGPT and

Planned activities

The interviewee presents a worksheet that he has created himself using ChatGPT. The difficulty lies in formulating the right prompts. It is also important to keep the prompts as short as possible and use as few technical terms as possible ChatGPT is only as good as the prompts you enter. The time required to generate worksheets is determined on the one hand by constantly trying out and improving the prompts until the generated worksheet comes close to your own ideas. The worksheet never achieves 100% of your own ideas, and on the other hand the workload consists of manual adjustments to the generated result. The worksheet often contains technical errors that need to be corrected. The interviewee rates ChatGPT as an auxiliary tool that is particularly good at solving the time-consuming task of devising numerical relations for arithmetic problems.

Expected results

Specifically, the interviewee estimates that the time required for a worksheet can be reduced from over a day to a few hours. ChatGPT cannot insert photos, these can be generated using other software. Longer tasks can also be generated, but the more complex and specialized the construct becomes, the worse the result of ChatGPT will be. The worse the result, the greater the subsequent revision effort. For precise results, it is advisable to let ChatGPT create small sections that are then assembled manually.

Project origin

In class, a German teacher introduced ChatGPT to the students and showed, for example, that the AI software can be used to correct exercise sheets. The pupils also showed interest in ChatGPT. However, the teacher also pointed out the incorrect information provided by ChatGPT due to the wrong prompts.

Lesson planning

AI topic as part of teaching units. The topic of AI is not integrated into the current curriculum.

Technical requirements

Laptops Tablets for using AI software e.g. ChatGPT.

Issues encountered

The problems relate to the use and operation of ChatGPT

About Results

The results were discussed with the students and among the teachers. The results are also disseminated via the school’s website and presented at school events

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