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Course Hero is an online learning platform designed for college and university students but that can be used in VET also, where a student can access over 30 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators. You’ll find Practice Problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and Textbook Solutions and Explanations covering every subject you’re studying—from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between. There is a 24/7 Homework Help service. It works as a complement to what the student is learning in the classroom. Its primary goal is to help students graduate with confidence by providing a wealth of study resources. So, Course Hero leverages AI to enhance the learning experience for students: you can receive personalized guidance and explanations from human experts alongside the AI-generated content. The AI model curates relevant information from the Course Hero library. It ensures that you can access the most pertinent content directly within your study materials. Students appreciate Course Hero’s combination of AI-powered answers and support from expert tutors. Includes free and a paid version.

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  • Vocational students can access a vast repository of study materials, including lecture notes, textbooks, and practice questions. For example: a student preparing for a biology test might find detailed notes on cell biology or genetics. An aspiring mechanic apprentice might find detailed resources on engine repair techniques or safety protocols.
    For instance, an aspiring mechanic apprentice might find detailed resources on engine repair techniques or safety protocols.
  • Course Hero provides supplementary content to enhance classroom learning. For example: a student with dificulty in math can find step-by-step solutions to calculus problems, aiding their understanding. A graphic design student can explore additional resources on colour theory or typography principles.
  • Useful for assessment preparation: Generative AI tools integrated into Course Hero allow educators to create assessments and assignments – teachers and students can access practice quizzes, flashcards, and sample exams. For example: a teacher preparing students for a IT test might assign practice quizzes related to specific programing tasks. A culinary student preparing for a practical cooking assessment can review flashcards with essential knife skills or practice quizzes on food safety.
  • Course Hero fosters collaboration among learners. For example: a student researching about electronics can engage in discussions with peers, share insights, and explore different perspectives.
  • Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking: by engaging with AI-generated answers, students learn to evaluate and critically analyse information. For example: educators guide students in interpreting AI results and relating them to their own understanding. Example: A History class discusses AI-generated responses, encouraging students to think beyond surface-level answers.
  • Course Hero helps address academic integrity by detecting potential plagiarism. For example: an English professor can cross-reference student essays with existing documents to ensure authenticity.
  • Professional Development for Educators: educators in VET institutions can use Course Hero to enhance their teaching methods. For example: a welding instructor might find teaching strategies or safety guidelines to improve their classroom sessions.
  • Course Hero covers theories and models relevant to vocational fields. For example, a hospitality management lecturer can delve into service quality models or revenue management theories




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