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Chat GPT is an AI chatbot which produces texts in response to prompts. Possibilities include plans, reviews, essays, recipes, creative prompts, blog posts and project outlines.

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This technology can help students present ideas in a clear and organised manner and in the right form, allowing teachers to focus on the ideas themselves. In the process, it could shift the focus of education towards critical thinking and big questions. Because it can also summarise an argument, knowledge and concepts, there is real potential to help with formative assessment, especially in situations where teachers have limited time. it might really help students with revision, checking homework answers, or refining an essay. It has also helped postgraduates for whom English is a second language clarify what they mean in their writing. They can give it a paragraph and ask it to rewrite it in an academic style. The results have been impressive, and it reduces the cognitive burden of translating for these students by allowing them to focus on the content, rather than the technical aspects of their writing in a less familiar language. reference



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