The AI Learning Companion. Community-based question-and-answer website designed for students. At its core, it functions as a peer-to-peer network where students can seek help with their homework questions by leveraging the collective knowledge of others who may have already answered similar queries. Unlike a repository of pre-set answers or responses from professionals, Brainly operates as an open forum-style space where students can post their questions and receive answers from fellow learners in the community. Brainly aims to assist students with their academic queries, making it easier for them to understand and solve homework problems. It includes an AI tutor and live expert explanations. The platform is moderated by a team of volunteers, including teachers and other users. Answers are expected to adhere to an honor code system, ensuring that they come from legitimate sources (such as textbooks or course materials). Verification: Brainly uses a green check mark to indicate answers that have been verified by subject experts, enhancing the reliability of responses. Teachers can get a free account.

Could be useful for

  • Provide supplemental support for trainees outside of class time
  • Encourage peer-to-peer learning within training programs
  • Access expert explanations for complex topics (with verification)
  • Includes features like AI tutors and live expert explanations.


  • Apprentices can seek help with challenging technical concepts
  • Trainees can post questions and learn from responses from peers
  • Instructors can monitor the platform to identify areas needing clarification



Technical features



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